5 - 8 March 2018
Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events


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Abdullah Quadri

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Abdullah Quadri


Senior Architect

AboutAbdullah Quadri

Mohammed Abdullah Quadri is working as a senior architect at TYPSA, an internationally renowned independent engineering consulting firm, having previously worked as job captain on major urban development projects like airports, hospitals and mix-used developments in various countries including Cyprus, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He has a Master's in Sustainable Architecture and his experiences & network aids him implementing environmental initiatives in sundry projects to help reduce energy consumption and pollution production. He is alternative energy blogger and He is a promoter for green energy and sustainable living.

He recently formed a nonprofit organization called Green Architects Network with which he is currently conducting workshops and organizing various social event and activities to increase awareness of human impact on the environment and how individuals can contribute to a safe and healthier environment.